I am currently writing, an investigation, the mirror now facing me, tracing the story of how two spirited horses came to be with me. 

At other times I am photographing the horses and the land on which we live. I am with them dawn and dusk, and between those moments I am photographing Sam's facted mirror sculptures. Both defy the presence of a camera. Both reflect my presence back. I need to be physically close, yet not intrusive. I need to photograph what is before me, what I am experiencing and feels so intimate, yet without my presence making it change. Snow and storm, heat and dust, day and night; this is my work.

I write as a way to explore. I make my photographs because I need to see more. I am searching for what I sense but cannot say, and cannot see with my naked eye, knowing that my writing and photographs might reveal the extra-ordinariness of the ordinary world, a place where meaning lies. It is an instinctive process that began the first moment I looked through a camera, began to write a story.